As a CMO; What’s your biggest frustration or barrier (these days), to getting better performance or sales results?

“I don’t think anybody quite understands how much harder it has actually got to get better sales results, let alone with less money.” We’re wanting to compile a quick survey of Sales accountable CMO’s, to ‘Out the elephant”, on an individual level, as to the ‘real’ issues for Senior Execs.
Out the elephant
In your own words, “real language”. Some examples… We’ve heard.;
– ‘I used to have to direct 5 core activities, now its bloody 15, no wonder I work 15 hrs a day!’
– ‘The response to most media…even online has dropped 25%’
– “With eBus my Marketing accountability became Sales as well… but I don’t have the IT, TM or Ops $ that should come with it!
– ‘We’ve got twice as many competitors, I’ve got less money & I’m supposed to pull 10% growth’
– ‘My agencies are ok but they haven’t kept pace with the market, so I don’t have the tools I now need.’

We’re looking for the truths, insights, gripes and just simple realities that we might wish CEOs, Executive boards, customers, agencies, other departments. etc. understood is changing the game.

One line and feel free to repeat an idea, but in your own ‘real’ words (inc expletives if needed)…

Just send as a response & We’ll compile and put the list out in a form that we can all review.

“what’s the BIG fat Elephant in the ‘selling & marketing room” that needs to be outed.

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